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Happiness and the unimportance of clothes

So many things in life matter. Family, friends, being with the one you love (or first, finding him or her), healthiness, balance…  let’s just say – happiness is what really matters.

Everyone has his own parameters for defining happiness. On my daily pursuit of happiness I learnt, things do not make me happy, they do not have any impact on my inner wellbeing and they do not give me the tiniest modicum of peace of mind. So, material things, especially clothes, are not important (I have to admit, that I was once convinced, owning a LV speedy bag is the highest of emotions –> epic fail!). Now I know better, it’s standing on the peak of a mountain, totally exhausted, soaked in sweat, enjoying the pristine beauty of nature and the feeling to push your body to its limits – moments likes these conjure a big and satisfying smile on my face.

However, the same smile is on my face, when I am at home on a rainy Sunday afternoon (or a Tuesday night at 01:00 am), sitting in front of my way too small sewing desk with two meters of fabric in my hands. In this moment, it’s just me and an idea I am trying to realize with more or less success. Sewing, creating, crafting, producing  – satisfaction. Pure joy, like standing on top of a mountain, having superpowers. This feeling makes you believe you can do or create everything. In other words, things are well able to make my heart beat faster and all of a sudden clothes are important!

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