Palazzo Pants – Ready for the Urban Jungle

Spring is here, which means that hot summer days are just around the corner. That said, the first signs of euphoria are fading fast away. No wonder, degrees over 30°C confront every fashionable woman with huge wardrobe challenges. What to wear when dying of hyperthermia caused by wardrobe malfunctions is no hyperbole, but a hazard factor of summer’s harsh reality? All those working women know, hot-pants and spaghetti top are not office appropriate aka too risqué. What other (less revealing) options do we have?

Palazzo pats are the most stylish way to deal with the wardrobe challenge in summer. The urban jungle – hot and sticky air, tropical humidity – cries out for natural fibers, flowing fabrics and loose-fit garments. Do you need any more reasons for embracing Palazzo Pants? Choose a natural fabric, like silk (or linen for a less sophisticated version) graced with pretty fancy features: silk cools your body when temperatures outside make you feel like in hell’s kitchen. Release your inner wildcat!


Hard Facts:

The fabric – Indian silk with leo print for feeling wild in the city. I bought it in Dubai back in 2014.

The pattern – based on burdastyle – issue 12/2013, model 103A. I used the pattern as an inspiration, since pants pattern construction is not the easiest Job out there. I skipped the zipper and substituted the classic the waistband with a rubber tape, just to avoid sewing details with the sensitive silk and for the comfy fit. Hence I didn’t sew the tucks on the back.

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  1. Liebe Julia, sehen cool aus… und ich liebe die Art, wie Du schreibst 🙂 …. ein kleiner Tippfehler ist mir der Unterschrift fehlt ein n bei pants .. LG Inge

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